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Monday, November 02, 2020

Planting paperwhites to bloom through the end of year holiday’s and on through the bleakest of winter has become somewhat a tradition for Gardeners Connect. Though we cannot all get together and revel in the containers each gardener selects for their planting we can still have bulbs to take home with us to plant.

We will be offering both ‘Ziva’ the traditional white full fragrance paperwhites as well as ‘Inbal’ its lightly scented to non-scented cousin. Both varieties are the largest bulbs available on the market. We are also offering two amaryllis selections ‘Dancing Queen’ and ‘Red Nymph’. ‘Dancing Queen’ has huge double white flowers with vivid red brush strokes that give this amaryllis an almost candy cane like appearance. ‘Red Nymph’ has huge double red flowers with subtle white accents that should bring on holiday spirit and brighten even the darkest of Winter days.

Order your bulbs online at and your bulbs will be available for pick up at the home of Gardeners Connect board member Bibie Chronwall, 1022 W 64th Terr, Kansas City, MO 64112 on Saturday November 7, 2020 from 9 a.m. to 1 p.m. Her h...

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Our Mission is to educate and inspire members of our community to become more complete gardeners

Gardeners, as gardens, are works in progress. We are always adapting, expanding, connecting, growing and learning. We are never perfect, never complete. We can always strive to be better, smarter, more informed and more complete.


We believe education doesn't have to be dry and technical to be educational. We strive to bring in experts with practical real world knowledge to the Kansas City stage and make it accessible to gardeners of all skill levels


Information is power and having access to to not only what is new in gardening but also what is tried and true helps us all be better gardeners


We connect gardeners to each other to help them build on each others skills, aspirations and knowledge. Our events are a great way to connect to one another.