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Wednesday, June 17, 2020

Now is the time for gardeners to focus on remaining safe and doing everything we can to slow the spread of the coronavirus.

Resilience and change are ever-present in the lives of gardeners. Being adaptable and the spirit to persevere are just some of the traits we all must have not only in gardening but life.

We are working on plans to do what we have always done, inspire and educate gardeners in new ways that allow us to be safe, resilient and persevere through these troubling times.

Look for LilyPalooza 2020 to begin September 1 where you will still be able to purchase fine bulbs online and arrange contact-free pickup them up beginning in late October. You can preview all of the LilyPalooza selections including no lilies beginning August 1.

We are also looking into online formats to bring our Speaker Series back this Fall and on in to 2021 to educate and inspire gardeners like you until we can once again frolic together in person.

In the meantime, stay connected with Gardeners Connect and share your garden virtually this year by posting to or by emailing photos of your plants and gardens to Chuck Robinson at chuck@gardenersconnect...

Monday, July 06, 2020

With over a decade a gracious and stunning lilies gracing gardens all over the metro, LilyPalooza returns for another star-studded, social distancing year.

Online ordering begins:
September 1, 2020 at

Order early for best selection. All orders available for pickup beginning in late October 2020. We will be providing staggered, contactless pick up options to keep our gardeners as safe as possible.

Lilies don’t take up a lot of physical real estate in the garden and can be tucked into garden beds between plants to provide height and impressive bloom display. They can raise the visual interests and bloom density your beds without crowding out their neighbors. All bulbs listed in the LilyPalooza sale are winter-hardy in the Kansas City area and most if not all are hardy to zone 4 more.

This year might be known as the year of the Martagon lily cultivars. They grow and bloom in shadier areas than their brethren though we have found that if you provide them with even watering they do just as well in sunnier spots. Martagons have had a reputation for being expensive collector’s bulbs, but with advances in propagatio...

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Our Mission is to educate and inspire members of our community to become more complete gardeners

Gardeners, as gardens, are works in progress. We are always adapting, expanding, connecting, growing and learning. We are never perfect, never complete. We can always strive to be better, smarter, more informed and more complete.


We believe education doesn't have to be dry and technical to be educational. We strive to bring in experts with practical real world knowledge to the Kansas City stage and make it accessible to gardeners of all skill levels


Information is power and having access to to not only what is new in gardening but also what is tried and true helps us all be better gardeners


We connect gardeners to each other to help them build on each others skills, aspirations and knowledge. Our events are a great way to connect to one another.