Proposed Bylaws Changes

Active and growing organizations need to make sure they stay current. With that in mind, the Gardeners Connect Executive Committee, with input from the Board of Directors, embarked on a review of our bylaws as part of our overall approach to continuing operations in this new and changing environment. The bylaws were last updated in 2012.

The board proposes the following changes to the bylaws of Gardeners Connect for approval by the members. This is a summary of the changes. The complete bylaws with all changes may be downloaded from, or a request for a printed copy may be submitted to the Executive Director to be mailed to current members.

One of the key concerns the board sought to address was having the bylaws clearly provide for digital meeting formats and to allow voting by digital formats as well as by proxy. These options would be available to members and the Board of Directors and clarify the process for doing so.

Other changes:

Adopt the minimum number of directors to those set forth by the state of Missouri, where the organization is chartered. This would change the minimum from the current eleven (11) to three (3) and make the position of Vice President optional.

Change references of Membership Chairman to Membership Coordinator and change all pronouns from “he, his and him” to “they, their and them” and change the section on gender to include all gender pronouns.

Alter the position of Treasurer to allow the Treasurer to designate someone else to complete tasks, such as financial reports or tax filings.

Add a Business Member category to the membership classes.

Download the full text of the proposed bylaws here.

The amended bylaws will be voted on by the membership at the January 16, 2021 annual meeting. The annual meeting will be held via Google Meet at 10 a.m. and can be accessed by the following link

The meeting can also be accessed by phone at 219-321-0301 and by entering the PIN 526 330 500# when prompted.

We hope that these digital meetings will bridge us over until we can all meet again in person.

Members will be able to vote by poll within the meeting or by emailing their vote in advance of the general meeting to the executive director at