Tree Walks

Champion Tree BWGardeners Connect has put together four tree walks for visitors to Loose Park to use to learn more about the trees there and enjoy a stroll through the Stanley R. McLane Arboretum located within the park. Walks can be downloaded as a PDF to your favorite device, printed or copies can be picked up in the Tree Walk box located on the front of the Garden Center building.

Champion Tree Course Download PDF.

Discover a few of the champion trees in the arboretum and learn how to use a compass to navigate the course. Compasses are available in the Garden Center building during normal office hours.

Oaks and Beyond Walk Download PDF.

Learn about some of the oaks in the arboretum along with some of their companions and discover some of the characteristics of these trees that make them so special.

Lake Tree Find Course Download PDF.

This course is designed for the kids and the kid in all of us. Follow the course and find clues to answer the questions about the trees you will find long the way.

South Side Lake Walk Download PDF.

This walk takes you to the south side of the lake and introduces you to some of the trees located in this area of the arboretum.