October 2021

LilyPalooza 2020

With over a decade a gracious and stunning lilies gracing gardens all over the metro, LilyPalooza returns for another star-studded, social distancing year.

Lilies don’t take up a lot of physical real estate in the garden and can be tucked into garden beds between plants to provide height and impressive bloom display. They can raise the visual interests and bloom density your beds without crowding out their neighbors. All bulbs listed in the LilyPalooza sale are winter-hardy in the Kansas City area and most if not all are hardy to zone 4 more.

This year might be known as the year of the Martagon lily cultivars. They grow and bloom in shaded areas than their brethren though we have found that if you provide them with even watering they do just as well in sunnier spots. Martagons have had a reputation for being expensive collector’s bulbs, but with advances in propagation we are now able to offer these bulbs at unheard of before prices. This is the year to add to your collection or start a new one.

For every $50 in bulb purchases from LilyPalooza you will receive a free LA lily hybrid called ‘Litouwen’. Dark maroon stems carry cream colored buds with a maroon blush that open to pure white flowers with no spots and a hint of lime in the throat. 2-3 feet tall, blooming early to midsummer. It is sure to be a standout in the garden. The more you order, the more you will receive.

Here is the LilyPalooza line up for 2020.

Connoisseur Collection

‘Chocolate Event’

Imagine an orange creamsicle with raspberry sauce and you have the color scheme of this lily. The dark raspberry overlay is heaviest along the outer edge of the petals allowing the orange creamsicle to shine through the center rib and show completely at the tips. 3-4 feet tall, blooming early to midsummer.

‘Strawberry Event’

Deep red strawberry blooms with a maroon-purple overlay of spots heavier in the center of the flower. 3-4 feet tall, blooming early to midsummer.

‘Mystery Dreams’

Generously described as uniquely beautiful but definitely like no other lily in your garden. Fully double lime-green flowers are held upright and can have blood-red center petals and flecking of color through out in cooler weather conditions so you will want to protect it from hot afternoon sun for best display. 3-4 feet tall, blooming mid to late-summer.

Asiatic Lily


White flowers with minimal spotting in the throat of the bloom make quite the splash in the garden with rose-tipped petals. 2-3 feet tall, blooming early to midsummer.

‘Purple Marble’

While not exactly purple, these red-wine saturated flowers make a statement in the garden. 3-4 feet tall, blooming early to midsummer.


This Asiatic/Easter lily cross is semi double and pollenless. Each petal is a creamy pink with magnolia-pink seeping in at the bases, tips, margins and even backs of each petal. 3-4 feet tall, blooming early to midsummer.

Oriental Hybrids


Elegant white blooms open with a soft pink band down the center of each petal that with age becomes richer and darker, changing to a magenta-pink. Fragrant. 3-4 feet tall, blooming mid- to late summer.


Fully double flowers are pollenfree for arrangements that won’t stain everything. Warm raspberry pink edged in white with darker spotting in the center. 3-4 feet tall, blooming mid to late-summer.


Martagons have been know as a collectors lily because of the high prices for individual bulbs. Bulbs last year were in the $20 and up range, but with recent advances in propagation prices have plummeted, and we are offering this year’s selection far below that.

‘Arabian Knight’

Bright gold with dark wine overlay darker at the petal tips becoming more spotted towards the center of the bloom. Just three bulbs made for a strikingly intense display this Spring. This knight is ready to slay the ho hum in any garden. 3-4 feet tall, blooming late-spring.

‘Orange Marmalade’

Bright tangerine-orange petals without any spotting are edged with the most perfect pumpkin hue. Each individual petal is narrower than most martagon flowers and held out flat rather than recurved. Blossoms are held aloft on dark-purple black stems which make this lily beautiful even out of flower. 3-4 feet tall, blooming late-spring.

‘Peppard Gold’

Golden yellow flowers, highlighted by random coral streaks and cinnamon spotting. 3-4 feet tall, blooming late-spring.


Wine-red to pink-purple flowers with heavy spotting. 3-4 feet tall, blooming late-spring.


Pink with gold edges and cinnamon spots. 3-4 feet tall, blooming late-spring.

Species Lilies

Lilium pumilum

An Asian species with multiple 2-inch reflexed and nodding coral-red fragrant flowers which may or may not be spotted black. Individual bulbs are rather short-lived, living 2-4 years but usually remains in the garden through self-seeding, forming clumps. Stems are covered with fine grass-like leaves. 1-2 feet tall, blooming early to midsummer.

Lililium speciosum rubrum ‘Uchida’

A select form of the species with a fascinating history. Rose-pink blooms fading to white at the edges are one of the last lilies to bloom in the garden. During the war years, Hirotaka Uchida and his eldest son, Machao, had been ordered by the Imperial Japanese Government to destroy their ornamental plant farm and to grow potatoes for the army. They defied those orders and kept bulbs of ‘Uchida’ hidden until after the war. 4-5 feet tall, blooming mid- to late summer.

Other Bulbs

Alliums are deer and pest resistant yet a pollinator magnet. They are long-lived providing, that they are not planted in a wet area. Provide them with good drainage and they will provide you years of impressive blooms.

Allium ‘Mount Everest’

Pure white balls of florets rise above the foliage on tall graceful stems. A great addition to a collection of the more traditional purple alliums, add height to a white garden or just add brightness against a darker backdrop. 3 feet tall, blooming late-spring to early-summer.

Nectaroscordum siculum, Summer Bells

Clusters of cream bells with rose brush strokes and green shoulders dangle from loosely packed florets. This member of the Allium family has quite the identity crisis going on, Allium siculum, Allium bulgaricum and several other iterations are out there. Whatever you call it, It provides softness and height to the garden. 2-3 feet tall, blooming late-spring to early-summer.

Daffodils are deer- and pest-resistant and long-lived in the garden providing they get enough sun and their foliage is allowed to ripen.

Daffodil ‘Green Garden’

Chartreuse-yellow petals with a creamy yellow trumpet make a statement in the garden. Its flowers draw you in from a distance and standout even in the throng of Spring bloom. 16 inches tall, blooming mid to late-spring.

Daffodil ‘Prototype’

We are fans of mini daffodil cultivars and creamy yellow petals and this one goes a step further with a trumpet that starts off with a cream base becoming increasingly pink at the ends. 10 inches tall, blooming early to mid-spring.

Daffodil ‘Ferris Wheel’

Giant striking flowers have a sweet scent. The flower has a large flared cup with a ruffled edge resembling an orange Ferris wheel with golden yellow petals forming a backdrop. 18 inches tall, blooming early to mid-spring.

Muscari ‘White Magic’

Who says grape Hyacinths have to be purple or blue? This white flowered cultivar has all the great staying power of its more common compatriots with a new color to show off. 6 inches tall, blooming early to mid-spring.