November 2021

LilyPalooza 2019

Saturday, October 26, 2019
9 a.m. to 5 p.m.
Pick up your pre-ordered bulbs and shop for any last minute additions.

Home of Brian Chadwick-Robinson and Chuck Robinson
5738 Willow Ave
Raytown, Missouri 64133

LilyPalooza is celebrating its 10th year of bringing you new and exciting varieties of lilies and select other bulbs for area gardeners. Lilies can be tucked into garden beds to provide height and impressive bloom display to most any garden. We even have quite a selection of Martagon lily cultivars this for the gardener that has a bit less sun.

We strive to bring you the largest bulbs available and only source from the best growers in the world. Bringing only the best to you and your garden.

You can begin ordering online September 1, 2019 All orders available for pick up on October 26, 2019. Quantities are limited.


We plan to have the following selections available for the bulb sale. More bulb options including no lily bulbs are available online on the sale page.

Connoisseur Collection

‘Zeba’ has large slightly pendulous flowers that have recurved tips and ruffles along the side of each petal reminding us of the classic oriental form of its hybrid parentage. Each cream colored flower has large dark plum brushstrokes emanating from the center of each flower with a darker almost black midrib down each petal. The first introduction out of the hybrid ‘Kushi Maya’ a hybrid of Lilium nepalense and an Oriental. 3-4’ tall.

Martagon ‘Fairy Morning’ has flowers that depending on the light can be described as everything from peachy coral to amber and pink with each flower is lightly speckled. The color is striking and when found blooming in the gardens at the Minnesota Landscape Arboretum this past June caught even the eye of Gardeners Connect’s executive director who distinctly dislikes pink. 3’

Asiatic Lily

‘Corsage’ has smaller delicate pink flowers liberally spotted in dark plum with a faint dark plum outline to the base of each petal with a center with hints of cream. 3-4’ tall.

‘Night Flyer’ has deep dark red almost black flowers with slightly recurved petals. Slightly pendulous outfacing flowers with equally dark stamens. 3-4’ tall.

‘Pink Flight’ has multi toned pink to almost rich cream striated petals with lots of depth to the colors. 3-4’ tall.

‘Pearl White’ has all the colors you would expect in a fine pearl. Cream colored buds with just a hint of purple at the base open to a classic off white pearl colored flower. 3-4’ tall.

Oriental/Asiatic Hybrids

‘Child in Time’ has clear bright pink flowers light green almost white throat with speckled darker pink brush marks radiating out from the throat. 4’ tall.

‘Hotel California’ has large upfacing orange creamsicle colored flower with raspberry brush marks in the center of each petal and sprinkled with larger dark dots throughout the center. 4’ tall.

‘Viva la Vida’ has vivid yellow up facing flowers with generous brush strokes of black cherry in the center of each petal and a stippling of dots as an overlay. These are no shrinking violets. 4’ tall.


‘White Planet’ has creamy white, yellow centered, fragrant upward facing trumpets with plum brushstrokes on the backs of the petals which make it beautiful in bud as well as open. We have had ‘Pink Planet’ and ‘Orange Planet’ in previous sales and are looking forward to adding to our impressive planetary collection. 4’

Double Oriental

‘Leona’ has striking pure white double flowers that are pollenless. While orientals are not known to be long lived in our area with our hot and humid summers, the flowers are spectacular in the garden or as a cut flower. 3-4’ tall.


‘Sutton Court’ has rose colored flowers with darker rose spotting and mottled yellow around the spots and edges of petals. Dark slower stems blend into the dark rose brush strokes on the backs of the flowers. 4’

‘Manitoba Morning’ has pinkish-red flowers with brush marks of creamy yellow in the center adorned with dark mahogany spots. 2-3’ tall.

‘Maroon King’ has soft maroon flowers with speckles in the center. 4’ tall.

‘Nepera’ has orange flowers with mahogany spots concentrated in the center of the flower which set off the red gold stamens. 3’ tall.

Other Bulbs

We have offered both of these alliums before but they definitely are worth repeating. Alliums are long lived and pest resistant providing that they are not planted in a wet area. Provide them with good drainage and they will provide you years of impressive blooms.

Allium ‘Globemaster’ has massive, rich purple perfectly rounded flower heads topping 36” tall stems.

Allium shubertii flower heads look more like fireworks going off in your garden rather than flowers. Long tubular florets of different lengths explode from the center of the flower head in all directions adding depth and structure. Makes for a great cut flower or long lasting element in the garden. 18” tall.