November 2021

LilyPalooza 2018

Saturday, October 27, 2018
9 a.m. to Noon
Rockhurst University, Arrupe Hall
5351 Forest
Kansas City, Missouri 64112
(located within the Rockhurst University Campus at 54th and Troost)

Join us for the ninth annual LilyPalooza, presented by Gardeners Connect. We strive to bring you the best in lilies and other select fall planted bulbs to bring you a joyous spring and summer next year and for many more after that.

We have bulbs available the day of the sale but for best selection is is recommended that you shop online. LilyPalooza bulbs go online for sale September 1 of every year.

Three reasons to order online:

  • Easy to order and then pick up your bulbs at LilyPalooza 9 a.m. to 1 p.m. on Saturday, October 27.
  • Best Selection. We expect some of our bulbs, especially the martagon lilies and those in the Connoisseur Collection, to sell out, and the first ones to order and pay for their selections are most likely to get their heart’s content
  • People ordering and paying online always get a special free gift. You’ll have to wait until closer to the online ordering date to find out this years treasure.

The 2018 Bulb Selection

We plan to have the following selections available for the bulb sale. More bulb options including no lily bulbs are available online on the sale page.

Free Bulb

Get ‘Rokanje’ free by ordering online. We will give you a free bulb for every $25 you spend. No limit to the free bulbs you can earn. Spend $ 25 get 1, spend $250 and get 10 free Lilium ‘Rokanje’ bulbs.

Lilium ‘Rokanje’ – a snow-white-flowered LA hybrid (Lilium longiflorum crossed with Asiatic hybrid lilies), which are incredibly sturdy in our climate. It gets 36-40 inches tall.

Connoisseur Collection

The Connoisseur Collection contains our special selections of the newest introductions and other rarities for the garden. 

Lilium ‘Fusion’ – perhaps the newest, most cutting-edge flower in the Lilypalooza lineup this year is ‘Fusion.’ It is a remarkable hybrid between Lilium longiflorium (the familiar white Easter Lily native to southern Japan) and Lilium pardalinum, ( a native to the West Coast of the United States). It has down-facing red flowers with masses of red-brown freckles ringed with yellow halos spreading from the throat of the flower. The flowers are up to 5 inches across. It gets 36-48 inches tall does not need to be staked.

Lilium ‘Sweet Desire’  – These yellow-edged flowers are highlighted in peach and have numerous darker spots. This Lilium Longiflorum, (Easter lily) x Asiatic cross is lightly scented. Grows 40-48 inches tall.

Asiatic Lilies

Lilium ‘Dark Secret’ – has dark red, almost black flowers that face up and out. An Asiatic, it gets 36-40 inches tall and blooms in June. Dark flowers call attention to themselves in the garden and they also set on fire the color of its neighboring flowers.

Lilium ‘Pearl Jessica’  – a tetraploid Asiatic from Robert Griesbach, one of the leading lily hybridizers in the world. It has pendant light salmon-pink flowers with recurved tepals. The flower face out and down. The plant gets 48 inches tall and blooms in June. It is named for one of the hybridizer’s granddaughters.

Lilium ‘Purple Eye’  – has purple-maroon petals with a near black eye. Easy to grow early summer bloomer. 36-40 inches tall.

Oriental Lilies

We have two double Oriental lilies. Being double, they produce no pollen, which can stain hands and clothes that brush against the flower. Orientals are fragrant and bloom a little later than Asiatics, so in late June or early July. They are best planted where they get a little protection from late afternoon sun. Both of these lilies produce up-facing flowers. Each gets 3 feet tall or so.

Lilium ‘Leona’ – is a pristine white.

Lilium ‘Samantha’SOLD OUT! has glowing pink tepals with a few dark purple spots and edged with milky white.

Orienpet (OT) Lilies

We have some OTs, or orienpets, which are Oriental lilies crossed with trumpet lilies.

Lilium ‘Robert Griesbach’ – a sturdy OT with deep red flowers with bright white margins. The throat is golden yellow and a bit of bright green. It is a tall lily, getting 4-5 feet tall. The tepals are thick and waxy. It is named after Robert Griesbach, one of the most respected hybridizers in America.

Lilium ‘Redford’ – from Mak Breeding, The Netherlands, has dark, wine-red, up-facing flowers. It will grow to 4 feet tall or more.

Lilium ‘Zelmira’ – has fragrant salmon-pink flowers with soft yellow glowing in the flower throat. It grows on 4-foot stems and blooms in July.

Trumpet Lilies

Trumpets are tall, fragrant lilies that bloom later than the Asiatics. We have two Lilypalooza selections.

Lilium ‘Pink Planet’ – a fragrant trumpet lily producing deep pink buds that open into large cotton candy pink up-facing flowers. It gets 3 feet tall. It blooms in late June or early July.

Lilium ‘Rising Moon’ – SOLD OUT! has creamy pastel yellow flowers with pink shading on the edges of the tepals. Blooms in July and should get 3-4 feet tall. Very fragrant.

Martagon Lilies

Kansas City gardeners have proved many experts wrong as far as growing martagon lilies is concerned. They do grow here, and some of us have had great success, though we are likely on the southern edge of their range. They do best with some afternoon shade and can grow in pretty dark shade too. They grow well at the edge of treed woodlot. Keep them watered during the growing season.

Lilium ‘Claude Shride’ – is a 1970s hybrid from Minnesota hybridizers Hugh and Ruth Cocker. It produces dark mahogany-red flowers with intermittent, small red orbs encircled with vibrant golden-orange. At is a floriferous garden variety once established and mature. It gets 3-4 feet tall.

Lilium ‘Dalhansonii’ – has waxy purple-brown to mahogany-red flowers with only a few gold spots. It produces dozens of pendent, tightly recurved flowers in June. Plants grow 4-5 feet tall.

Lilium ‘Mrs R.O. Backhouse’ – has straw-yellow flowers with pastel pink on the backs of the tepals. The flowers are pendant. Blooms in June and should get 3-4 feet tall.

Lilium ‘Pink Taurade’ – has pink flowers that have an orange glow. There are purple freckles ringed in yellow. It was introduced by Manitoba nurseryman and hybridizer Ed Robinson in 1967.