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In my 20’s there was a Home and Garden channel with multiple gardening shows to give me ideas and spur on my ever widening garden addiction. Shows like Gardening by the Yard and Rebecca’s Garden filled my mind with ideas and how to’s.

Gardening shows became tacky makeover shows or just disappeared altogether and while the “G” remained it became silent.

I few years ago I discovered British gardening TV shows and searched for them online for download any way I could. I was especially addicted to Gardener’s World, celebrating 50 years and airing at prime time it is the Game of Thrones for gardeners. I was devastated every time I could not find an episode.

Presenters of Gardener’s World

Then serendipity struck. Board member Susan Mertz mentioned this new service called HortusTV that streams gardening programming. She had signed up for it and was excited by all of the content. She mentioned that Gardener’s World was one of the shows you could stream and I became an instant convert. On demand gardening TV? I could get my fix whenever? Move over Netflix, now I understand binge watching.

Susan contacted HortusTV and worked out a deal for Gardeners Connect. Not only can you try out the service for 7 days free but through Gardeners Connect you can save 25% off the $6.99 monthly service fee and donate $1 per month to Gardeners Connect. It is a win-win-win.

Just go to HortusTV.com and sign up for a free 7 day trial. You will create a username and password and it will email you instructions on how to start you free trial. When you get to where you enter a gift code just enter GARDENERSCONNECT18. It is that easy.

Almost 30 garden series are available through HortusTV, including these:

  • Gardener’s World
  • Monty Don’s Italian Gardens
  • How to Be a Gardener
  • Wildlife Gardens
  • Eco-Eden
  • Garden Rescue
  • Garden Makers
  • Love Your Home and Garden
  • Open Gardens
  • Big Dreams, Small Spaces
  • Secret World of Gardens
  • My Dream Farm