LilyPalooza 2017

LilyPaloozaSaturday, October 28, 2017
9 a.m. to 1 p.m.

Loose Park Garden Center
5200 Pennsylvania
Kansas City, Missouri 64112
(located within Loose Park at 51st and Wornall)

In this our eighth annual LilyPalooza, the annual fall bulb sale presented by Gardeners Connect we have put together a collection of lilies and other buried gems we are sure you will find spectacular additions to your own garden.

LilyPalooza bulb selection goes online for sale on September 1. This year we have  with 23 lilies including 3 martagons and 6 other buried gems bulbs, including daffodils, dutch iris and other selected bulbs.

In addition we are offering a selection of lilies that are exclusive to the day of sale. You will have to hit the sale early for best selection.

Once again we are teaming up Garden Faire with LilyPalooza which includes horticultural groups that are affiliated with Gardeners Connect promoting themselves and offering plants and other items for sale. 

Three reasons to order online:

  • Easy to order and then pick up your bulbs at Loose Park between 9 a.m. to 1 p.m. on Saturday, October 28.
  • Best Selection. We expect some of our bulbs, especially the martagon lilies and those in the Connoisseur Collection, to sell out, and the first ones to order and pay for their selections are most likely to get their heart’s content
  • People ordering and paying online get a free bulb for every $25 in purchases. Spend $25 get 1 Bulb, spend $50 get 2 bulbs, spend $200 get 8 bulbs. You get the idea. We have selected a delectable variety named ‘Strawberry and Cream’. You will also be able to purchase ‘Strawberry and Cream’ separately as we know you will want a large group of them.

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