September 2021

Garden Getaways

Gardeners Connect has been putting together Garden Getaways since March of 2007. The trips are open to members of Gardeners Connect and travel to places close to home and far away but always centered around our collective love of gardening.

Garden Getaways allow the gardener to venture out in a structured environment where everything is planned and guided by our Executive Director, Brian Chadwick-Robinson. We strive to make each trip unique and something that the gardeners could not easily easily put together themselves. These are not your average tours where you just see the same stuff every other tourist can see. We use our network to get guided tours by the people in the know and behind the scenes peaks that the general public doesn’t see. We not only tour public gardens but also private gardens when we can as well as find the best of the local nurseries and garden centers to shop for unusual plants and gardening must haves.

The trips are very popular and sell out very quickly with many gardeners having gone on multiple trips and clamoring for information about the next one.

Current Garden Getaways



Past Garden Getaways

2007 Wichita Garden Show (March)
2011 Carmel, Calif. (May 12-15)
2012 St. Louis (June 22-24)
2012 Arrowrock, Mo. (Sept. 8)
2013 Philadelphia International Flower Show (March 1-4)
2013 Arnold’s Greenhouse (May 11)
2014 Philadelphia International Flower Show (Feb. 28-March 3)
2014 Seattle (Aug. 8-12)
2015 Northwest Flower & Garden Show (Feb. 12-15)
2015 Berkshires (June 18-23)