September 2021

2010 LilyPalooza Lily Selections

The inaugural 2010 LilyPalooza was such a hit that it continues on more than 10 years later. Below you will find the selections that were offered with short descriptions and photos to help you identify them in the garden.

Anastasia – Orienpet

Huge white flowers with rose pink centers. It grows 4-6 feet tall and blooms in early-mid August. It has a wonderful cinnamon scent.

Annemaries Dream – Asiatic

Fully double, spotless up-facing flowers that are creamy white with a hint of yellow. It is the newest of the Kiss lilies, which are double Asiatic lilies that produce no pollen. It grows 4 feet tall.

Brazilia – Oriental

The white petals of Brazilia have dainty tiny spots and are neatly edged in rosy pink. Cooler weather brings more pink flush to the petals. It blooms in late July to early August and grows 3-4 feet tall.

Casa Blanca -Oriental

Pure white flowers (to 8-10 inches wide) with contrasting reddish-brown
anthers. It blooms in midsummer on rigid stems rising 3-4 feet tall. Flowers are very fragrant.

Cocktail Twins – Asiatic

Huge, double bright red flowers. The outer petals are often swirled with gold. The color is variable. This lily grows 3-4 feet tall and blooms in late June.

Forever Susan – Asiatic

Large flowers of mahogany and orange. Flowers face outward and lots of buds are produced to create a tremendous display in early summer. This lily grows to 2 feet tall.

Lilium leichtlinii -Species

Stems grow 4 feet tall. The yellow flowers are dotted and flushed with purple and bloom in late summer. This lily is native to Japan.

Lilium rubrum – Species

This species lily is renowned for fragrance and late summer blooms. The
white and crimson petals are recurved and pendulous. The flowers can be 6 inches across. Statuesque, it grows 5 feet tall, rarely to 7 feet.

Linda – Asiatic

Each petal is golden yellow near the center turning or bright orange at the ends. It grows 2-3 feet tall. Up-facing flowers bloom in June.

Patricia’s Pride – Asiatic

Up-facing flowers that are creamy white with burgundy-colored brushstrokes on the center of each petal. It grows 2-3 feet tall.

Red Velvet – Asiatic

Up to 4 feet tall. Its velvety deep red flowers bloom June to September. This was chosen best Asiatic at the North American Lily Society national show July 10, 2010, in Mars, PA.

Robert Swanson – Orienpet

Flowers grow 6½-inch and have bronze-tinged red centers and a deep yellow edges. It grows up to 4 feet tall. Lightly fragrant.